Open your mouth slightly. Curl the tip of your tongue and push it forcefully against your stiff upper lip. Then release it quickly out of your mouth.

I love you so damn much
all I wish to do is evaporate
and cool down
and drench you
be your thirstiness
and quench you
‘till you lick your lips
and say



Kort verhaal

John D. Muller View All →

Schrijver van korte verhalen. Soms iets langer. Soms iets anders.

I write short stories. Sometimes a bit longer. Sometimes different. Like poems. I also would like to translate my stories so it can be made into movies and I will earn a lot of money and can spend almost a day at the Oscars. But I don’t have the time for it. Now I live in poverty. Which is good. Poverty makes good heartbreaking stories.
Nu ga ik verder in Dutch.

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